FFO Survey

Thank you for attending the recent FFO event. In an effort to constantly improve and make sure we are serving others to the best of our ability, please help us by answering the following questions.

Not required to complete the survey.
Do you feel the application process to attend an F.F.O. event was efficient?
Do you feel the event was well organized and ran smoothly? *
Do you feel that there is anything that could be added to F.F.O. events to make the experience better? *
Did you feel greeted and welcomed by F.F.O. Outreach Officers, Board Members and Volunteers? *
Do you feel that F.F.O. staff including F.F.O. Outreach Officers conducted themselves in an appropriate manner? *
On a Scale of 1 - 5
1 is very unlikely or you disagree, 5 is guaranteed or in complete agreement.